The Tour: Before, During & After

Travel Arrangements

Airlines: International airline travel to the Tour’s first city is not included in the cost of the tour but can be handled by ALTOUR. Our exclusive representative within ALTOUR is Sharon Gallas: Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to the first/ final tour cities.

Immigration Procedures

Each participant must have a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the last date of the tour. Participants will be responsible for obtaining the needed visas (when necessary) for countries on each tour. Linden will offer visa and documentation advice as numerous visas can be obtained at the airport upon entry.  Visa fees (both entry and exit) are the responsibility of the participant.

Hotels and Local Transportation

Single-room accommodations are provided. All of the hotels have been selected for location and comfort and are normally quite plush.  All will have business centers, restaurants, and currency exchange facilities, and most have health clubs. Linden provides transportation to and from airports, as well as to all visits while on the tour.

Pre-Tour Information

Tour members receive regular updates, via e-mail and a private Linden web site, with information regarding the itinerary, mailing of materials, expectations of tour participants, packing hints, costs, and other matters related to the tours. Orientation programs are held at the beginning of each tour and include time to get to know other participants; a detailed walk-through of the entire schedule; and an orientation dinner that is a wonderful time to meet your new friends and colleagues on the tour.

Boarding School Fair Brochure

Based on data provided by the tour members, Linden produces an informative Boarding School Fair brochure, which is distributed at the fairs in each city. The brochure includes detailed information about the participating institutions, including enrollment, academic choices, a descriptive paragraph and each school's website.


Linden publicizes the tours throughout the region via paid print, electronic and broadcast media advertisements. Flyers and posters are mailed to secondary schools, government offices, agencies, agents and independent counselors.  Boarding School fair brochures are also mailed to regional advising centers.

In addition, a .pdf of the flyer(s) is provided to the participating institutions for printed and electronic mailings to prospective students, families, contacts, and alumni. Linden also sends e-mail invitations to prospective students and their families in our data bases.

Linden Student Pre-registration Service

Successful recruitment takes place when admissions officers meet face-to-face with students who desire the programmes their institutions offer and the students meet minimum academic and financial requirements. The Linden Student Pre-registration Service is designed to facilitate these interactions by putting admissions officers in touch with students before the tours.  Contact information for pre-registered students will be sent to the Touring Schools prior to departing for the Tour.

Overseas Liaisons

Linden works closely with multi-national advisers and counseling centers. We, too,  have relationships with many staff at EducationUSA advising centers, British Council, CAIS, the Foreign Commercial Service, as well as both public and international schools in each city and region. Our contacts and the organizations they represent publicize the Boarding School Fairs, and provide advice and guidance to Linden about trends in the local education system; events that are of interest to the group, and assistance with contacting new schools and other professionals in the region.

Boarding School Fairs

Boarding School Fairs are well-publicized programs that attract prospective applicants for multiple entry points and programmes. These fairs are open to the public and admission is free. They are held in convenient, well-known venues. Audiences range in size from 50 to 200 depending on the market. All students must register to enter a Linden Fair, and this contact information is made accessible to tour members.

At the Boarding School fairs, each representative has a draped table in the venue. Students and parents have the opportunity to speak with the representatives about their institutions.

Linden follows the NACAC guidelines of giving students only information, thus T-shirts, candy, key chains or other give-aways for students are not appropriate.  Representatives are expected to stand behind their table at all times so as not to enter into their colleague’s space.

Information Table

At each Boarding School Fair, Linden oversees an Information Table.  The table is there to assist families with routine questions, as well as help find them appropriate schools at the event.  Schools designate publications to be at the table, and Linden will replenish those brochures as they are given to families. 

Site Visits

Before the tours, Linden provides participants with a list of schools, educational organizations, and government agencies which they have the option of visiting on the tour. The number of visits a participant can make outside of the Tour schedule is dependent on the representative and the day’s schedule.  Though transportation is not provided to non-tour appointments, Linden staff can assist tour members with making arrangements.  Even if a Tour member is not able to make a site visit while in-country, all Schools should be in-contact with these (and other) organizations both pre and post Tour to receive maximum opportunities for their School. 

Relationships, Opportunities, Advisor & Agent Fairs

Relationships are an important part of international recruiting. To build and strengthen relationships between the tour members and overseas educational advisers, guidance counselors, agents and government officials, Linden arranges Advisor & Agent fairs in many cities. These fairs offer unique opportunities for the Linden family of Schools to think creatively about the International recruitment programmes they might offer.  Linden sees enrollment in a much bigger light then simply talking with students and families and taking down their contact information.  We encourage all schools to elevate their thinking, and consider the wealth of possibilities available to them even before going out on the Tour.  Schools should use these Advisor & Agent fairs to discuss Exchange Programmes, Sister-School connections; Agent Agreements; Government Scholarship opportunities; Commercial ventures with businesses; etc.....

Cultural Activities

Cultural events are often included in the itinerary in order to allow tour members to learn more about the countries which we are visiting.  These activities are optional and are frequently included in the cost of the tour. Full Tour members receive a respected piece of literature from a Touring country before we leave so to set the tone and have us understand some of the cultural nuances ahead of our visits.  Then, while on Tour, some examples of popular Linden cultural activities have been to visit the new Islamic Art Museum in Doha; see the Terracotta warriors in Xi'an: watch Water Puppet theatre in Vietnam; take an historical walking tour in Georgia; participate in rug making discussions in Azerbaijan; explore the souks of Turkey; etc...

Tour Report

A detailed report that includes a tour description, market analysis and listing of other institutions and agencies visited, along with number of students seen at each event, will be posted on the Linden web site for access for the Tour Members.

Contact List

Participants will receive the names and contact information of the counselors and government officials contacted during the tour in an Excel spreadsheet. This information is only given to tour members via a password-protected section of the Linden web site.

Registration Files

At each Linden Boarding School Fair, students will be required to register before entering. This data is shared with the tour members approximately one to two weeks after the tour. 

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