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Students today have many layers of experience and awareness that come with different needs in a less predictable social and economic environment. Marketing has complicated the school evaluation process. As you sort through the myriad of websites, brochures, and videos, you may find it hard to accurately assess the differences that can positively or negatively influence your child.

Our role is to help students and their families navigate through this new educational world, as their unbiased advocate, and discover and attain the best academic, extracurricular and social match. We work with the full spectrum of students facing junior and secondary Boarding School and college and graduate school choices — including average, gifted and talented students, underachievers and students with special needs.

We believe that the student's educational needs and aspirations, should always come first, and the direction we collectively take should focus on what will help make those needs and aspirations a reality.


John A. Williamson
John's career in directing enrollment management offices has spanned more than twenty five years at both the university and Boarding School levels. John has overseen, and often created, the international offices at his institutions and has vast experience establishing exchanges, partnerships, and programmes in places such as Cuba, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and many more.
Cammie Bertram
Cammie is known for the sound, informed advice she provides to students and families evaluating private secondary school options – across diverse backgrounds, abilities and interests. In addition to her broad experience with traditional boarding school programs, she is also a leading consultant in special needs and therapeutic placement. Cammie is a Certified Educational Planner. 
Kristen Naspo
Krissy Naspo comes to the consulting world after twelve years of Boarding School admissions experience at both the secondary and junior Boarding School level. She has travelled extensively around the world to recruit students, and she brings with her a wealth of knowledge gained from working with international families and Americans living abroad. Over the past seven years, Krissy has spoken on panels about international student admissions in Japan, Hong Kong, the Caribbean, El Salvador, and Mexico.
Audrey Ludemann
Having been a teacher for many years prior to entering the field of educational consulting, Audrey is skilled at working with families, assessing students’ strengths and abilities and developing strong relationships with admission offices. She works with a broad range of learners at the elementary and secondary levels. A member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, she currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.
Holly Treat
Holly has been involved with independent schools since 1991 in a variety of roles. Before becoming an educational consultant in 2003, Holly served as the Director of Admission and Dean of Students at Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, Connecticut, the Associate Director of Admission at both Miss Porter's School and Miss Hall's School, and the Director of Admission at the Salisbury Summer School. Holly was inspired to become an educational advisor full time while she was employed as the Secondary School Advisor at the Indian Mountain School, a junior Boarding School in Lakeville, Connecticut.
Jeremy McGeorge
Jeremy brings over 15 years in admissions, program development, and therapeutic treatment to families looking for advice and guidance when dealing with a child who needs a therapeutic placement. Based on Jeremy's broad experience in direct care, he provides a unique and empathetic approach with students and families at-risk as they seek to find new family harmony and growth. As a father himself, he is passionate and driven to provide all families with the opportunity and the skills to live, work, and thrive together.
Deena Maerowitz
Prior to becoming a parent herself, Deena was the Associate Director of Admissions at Columbia University Business School. Deena graduated magna cum laude from Mount Holyoke College and received her law degree (J.D.) and Master’s Degree in Social Work (M.S.W) from the University of Connecticut. As a professional member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants, Deena has worked with private clients guiding them throughout the entire college and graduate school admissions process.
Linda Magnussen
As a Certified Educational Planner, Linda Magnussen assists students and their families around the world with the university selection and admissions process. Her primary emphasis is working with international and expat families seeking universities located in the US, but also the UK and Canada if desired.
Lisa Schwartz
Lisa is no stranger to the challenges and concerns facing parents trying to make difficult educational decisions for their children. Currently, she volunteers at Silver Hill Hospital, New Canaan, Connecticut in the Eating Disorder program, working with adolescents in group therapy concentrating on body image via creative expression and art therapy. This background, combined with her empathetic people skills, has motivated both parents and students to seek her assistance in working through their educational and emotional issues as a family coach which has resulted in healthier directions and choices for both parents and children.
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