Our Process: "Student-Driven" Support

Defining an Appropriate Direction

Through comprehensive interviews, we get to know your son or daughter, to determine specific educational needs, assess strengths and talents —and understand their personal, educational and career goals.

  • Evaluating Targeted Information
    Providing you with the current, accurate information you need to make an informed and realistic educational decision is a critical part of our role. We have no bias or affiliation with any school. The recommendations we present to you focus only on the learning environments we feel best match the needs of your son or daughter.
  • Developing and Implementing the Plan
    Once specific colleges or schools are selected, we prepare an individual game plan for each, with all the elements required in the admissions process, from correspondence and testing, if required, to visits, interviews and applications.
  • Admissions Advocacy and Support
    We will do everything possible to leverage our broad network of educational contacts and relationships to help maximize a favorable presentation. There are obviously no guarantees, other than to assure you of our total commitment to a successful outcome.
  • Follow-Up
    We are dedicated to each student's success and continue to monitor their progress. We are also available for follow-up consultation at any time.
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