What is a Boarding School?

In essence, a Boarding School is a college preparatory institution where students and teachers live and study together in a safe and secure campus environment. You will find Boarding Schools within a short distance of nearly every major metropolitan city in North America. There are also many fine Boarding Schools in England and Europe, and a few now in the Middle East and Asia.

As you might imagine, attending Boarding School provides many advantages for students—and their families.

Boarding School Will Develop Your Child

Boarding Schools have an outstanding tradition of academic excellence, built on an educational model that delivers diverse curricula, taught by highly qualified and exceptionally motivated teachers, in small classes that encourage meaningful interaction with the students.

90% of Boarding School students said in a recent survey that they felt challenged academically. Official figures back it up. Boarding School students spend more than twice as many hours a week (17 to 18) on homework than their peers in state schools.

Learning Continues Beyond the Classroom

At Boarding Schools, learning extends beyond the classroom. Because staff and students live together, students benefit from countless "teachable moments" inside and outside of the classroom.

Boarding School students also participate in more extracurricular activities than students in state schools, whether playing sports, engaging in creative endeavors like music or painting, or participating in student government and school club activities.

Boarding Students Discover Self-Reliance

Boarding School environments can range in character from arts-focused to militarily-oriented, but almost always feature a student body composed of young people from a diversity of backgrounds.

At Boarding School, students are empowered to achieve their true potential and enjoy a measure of real independence.

Because they are not living at home, they are required to learn how to live with, trust, and respect their peers in an environment of "controlled freedom”.

As many graduates have remarked, there are few substitutes for having to manage your own academic and personal responsibilities at a young age. Again, the statistics highlight the value of a Boarding School education with 87% of graduates saying they were well-prepared for university versus just 39% of their state school peers.

Boarding Graduates Lead Exceptional Lives

Boarding Schools also offer the priceless gift of preparing young people for future success. The academic rigor and the training in negotiating the responsibilities of independence set Boarding School graduates on a path to prosperity—professionally, socially, and culturally.

By mid-career, 44% of graduates have already achieved top management positions, while 60% actively give to social service organizations.

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

It is often said that at Boarding School, students "live to learn" since they spend large parts of their day engaged in learning activities. But they also "learn to live" by shouldering the responsibility that comes with greater independence.

Without question, Boarding Schools shape lives for the better. Unsurprisingly, the experience leaves a positive impression on graduates and over 80% say they would repeat the boarding experience – given the chance.  

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