Questions Every Parent Should Ask

When choosing a Boarding School for your child, here are some questions you may want to ask the admissions officer.

1. Will my child be valued at Boarding School?
All children, particularly teenagers, want to know that their talents will be recognized and that teachers will work hard to get to know the real person.  When children are valued for who they are, they will always do the right thing and achieve their true potential.

2. Will the Boarding School embrace the curious?
Curiosity should be encouraged because the best answers are only those found through discovery.

3. Will my child be encouraged to dream?
Dreaming should be encouraged at school because at no other time in their lives do people get the opportunity to just dream about what could be. You want them to be busy but a good school will still leave time in their day to dream.

4. Will teamwork be expected?
Some of the most effective learning does not come from coaching or lecturing but from “controlled chaos” where students get the opportunity of working together to solve a problem or achieve a goal.  That’s when learning becomes special.

5. Are right and wrong defined?
It’s not about a set of rules but it’s important children know the boundaries. Fuzzy boundaries never work. Mixed messages never work. Make sure the Boarding School you choose defines how students are expected to behave.

6. Do teachers go beyond the imparting of information?
Great teachers are coaches rather than imparters of information. Great teachers help students reach conclusions that become part of their belief system rather than just head knowledge. Great teachers are able to connect with a student’s heart and mind.

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