Dos & Don’ts

DO visit schools
Visiting schools takes time and effort – but it’s worth it.

DON'T ignore your child's views
The older your child is, the more he or she will have a say about the choice of school.  Listen carefully and take your child’s views into account when making your final choice.

An obvious exception would be a child with learning difficulties or a behavioral syndrome. In those cases, go with your parental instincts rather than the child’s.

DO budget for the unexpected
Because the Boarding School may be located some distance from where you live, always build some flexibility into your budget for unexpected expenses such as travel. In addition to the teaching and accommodation fees, there may be unforeseen expenses for trips and events which your child cannot miss. It is probably wise to add another 10% to the school's monthly bill for contingencies.

DON'T be over protective
Every parent is concerned about their child – it is perfectly normal. Being over protective of your child, however, is not good. Always remember your child is at Boarding School to grow in confidence and independence so don’t smother your child with too many parental visits. It’s easy to stay in touch by email and phone.

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