Single Gender Education - Are They Right for Your Child

5 Reasons to Choose a Girls' School

Many parents believe that girls learn differently from boys and that a daughter will flourish at girls’ school more than at a coeducational school. Here are five reasons to consider when choosing a Boarding School for your daughter.

1. She will have fewer distractions
It’s obvious but the inherent distractions which occur when you mix adolescent boys and girls together in a coeducational school just do not happen in a girls' school. There will be time enough later for the distractions boys provide. Fewer distractions mean your daughter can focus on her education, enjoying sport and other activities and finding out who she is.

2. She will benefit from teachers who specialise in teaching girls
Teachers in a girls' school are there because they believe in single gender education. They appreciate how girls learn and they understand the nurturing and encouragement a girl needs in order to achieve her full potential.

3. She will benefit from a focussed educational environment
The sole focus of a girls’ school is on meeting the needs of the girls rather than boys and girls.

4. Her career aspirations will be encouraged not discouraged
Your daughter will be encouraged to be all she can be at a girls’ school. She will be encouraged to learn she can do anything and achieve everything – even becoming the president of a multi-national company or the president of a country.

5. "When girls go to single gender schools, they stop being the audience and become the players." - Robin Robertson
This is one of the most compelling reasons for choosing a single gender school for your daughter.

5 Reasons to Choose a Boys' School

Countries like England have a long tradition of boys’ schools and today many parents would rather have their sons educated at single gender schools because they believe their boys will be more focussed on their education without the distraction of girls.

1. Boys learn differently from girls
There is a recognized body of research to support the fact that boys learn differently from girls. Teachers in a boys' school understand how boys learn and create teaching programmes to get the best out of their male pupils.

2. The focus is entirely on interests of boys
When teachers don't have to take girls into consideration, the curriculum, lessons and events can focus solely on the needs of boys. Boys enjoy different activities from girls so a boys’ school can focus exclusively on activities that appeal to young men.

3. The social pressures are less
Boys mature later than girls so learning can be structured to enable them to better cope with academic and social pressures. An all-boy environment can lead to a more confident child.

4. Boys become comfortable with non-traditional activities
In a coeducational school, boys will often shy away from activities such as choir, drama and music because they might not be considered macho-enough. In a boys' school, young men feel less embarrassed and are more willing to participate in all activities.

5. Boys learn that there are many routes to manhood
At a single gender school, boys often find it easier to develop bonds of friendship, teamwork and social interaction with other males.

Girls, however, are not out of the picture completely. Typically a boys' school will have an established relationship with a nearby girls’ school allowing supervised activities involving both sexes.

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