Learning English at Boarding School is a high-tech world of TV shows, radio broadcasts, video streaming and interactive games, as well as a non-stop combination of friends, teachers, arts and sports. Your new language skills will be naturally accelerated by your talents, as Boarding Schools continually celebrate creative and effective methods of learning.

Whether you’re studying English on a short-term basis at summer School, a one-year exchange programme, or best of all, several years of full immersion, Boarding Schools have a way of teaching English that’s not only creative, but shapes the lives of international students on many levels and for their entire lives.

Whether you’ve chosen to study in the UK, US or Canada, Boarding Schools have many levels of English, from the very basic to the most advanced.  Ultimately, for those students who hope to enter an English speaking university, or to one day work around the globe, numerous years at a Boarding Schools is a perfect way for them to obtain the language skills of a native speaker and transition themselves into a bi-lingual, or multi-lingual citizen of the world.

At Boarding Schools, students no longer sit in classrooms and simply look at text books to learn English, they are part of an all-day language immersion where schools have the latest technology to make their learning interactive as well as personal. Classes are equipped with the internet; video streaming; television and radio production and a host of other advanced technological tools which allow students to ‘live’ the language and put it to use. Whether you want to be a DJ in the afternoon, hosting your own morning TV talk show, or being the MC at numerous events across campus on the weekends, Boarding Schools trust students to use their newfound language skills in all sorts of creative ways, as well as use them before they’re perfect. Students learn language by “doing” and not just as an idle exercise in a classroom.

Learning a new language, continually, both in and out of the classroom, gives students confidence. At a Boarding School they are surrounded not with just native speakers, but with people who have a genuine interest in each student as an individual.  Boarding schools are a place where students learn English with their friends on the football field, the tennis court, at a painting class, while riding a horse, or simply sitting by the fireplace one evening with their dormitory parents. The English lessons are not the English of a book, but a living language that carries students through their day both on campus, and when interacting with local merchants and community members.

Boarding schools have numerous English programs that equip students for University entrance, as well as to assist them with taking examinations such as the TOEFL, IELTS or the SSAT. Again, each school offers a wide variety of courses, activities and language levels, so be sure to look at a wide variety and find an ideal match. When you're ready to send in your inquiry to those Boarding Schools who have English programs, make sure you ask them not only about these, but also other courses and activities that interest you. Also, you should not overly worry when writing to a Boarding School about your current English abilities, as they realize that indeed this is why you are making an inquiry. They are masters at reading English from non-native speakers, and will appreciate you using those skills which you already have acquired. They are eager to help, and also ready to have you involved in many of their activities across the campus.

Feel free to look now at those schools with English studies, and simply write to them for more information. Learning English at a Boarding School is a lot more creative and individualized than you ever imagined.

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