Specialty Programmes

Boarding Schools offer a wide range of additional specialty programmes to suit all student needs; from English classes for international students; to the Post Graduate Year programmes which are designed to help bridge the gap between secondary education and university, as well as a vast range of Summer classes which encompass both academic classes and those that are purely for fun and / or enrichment.

We invite you to research some of the specialty programmes which we believe you'll find most interesting:

ESL / TOEFL / IELTS / English Preparation Courses & Programmes

Many students would like courses in English either before, or during their stay at Boarding Schools.

Year 13 / Gap Year / PG Year

Many students choose to do a one-year programme between their Secondary School and University studies.

It's a great way to gain strength in both academic and language skills before beginning university classes.

Summer Programmes

Summer programmes range from one week to an entire summer.

Students can live in dormitories with new friends, or choose to live in a home with a local family.

Click-on any of the three sub-category guides (found just to the left or above)  to learn more about unique programmes that many Boarding Schools offer.

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