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The programmes that Boarding Schools offer during summer are as varied as the schools themselves.  Most schools have gone to great lengths to ensure quality programmes for their summer students and have truly put in-place some amazingly unique options from which to choose.

Whether you wish to go away for one-week, several weeks, or two months, there is a programme that will meet the needs of most every student, and most importantly, they are all done in a nurturing and safe environment by professional faculty chosen to lead this particular class or activity.

Camp vs. Boarding School Summer Programmes

When looking to send your child abroad, Boarding Schools provide you with a peace of mind that does not always come with a camp. Boarding Schools have long histories of nurturing students and making environments for them that are safe and protective. Students live in well-kept surroundings with dormitory parents make sure they are well advised and cared for. Faculty, too, are trained to work specifically with a particular age group and discipline, and are not simply university students who’ve taken a summer job.

Summer Boarding School programmes take place at accredited institutions and uphold those ideals and regulations as required of them during the normal school year. When you attend a summer programme, you can be assured that it’s meaningful and well-crafted. Also, that each is developed to challenge you on many levels of your growth and your own unique journey.

Whether you’re taking demanding pre-university classes, artistic classes or those courses which tend to be more creative and hopefully fun, Boarding Schools offer you a quality and distinctiveness which will help shape your life. 

Examples of summer programmes at Boarding Schools

  • Marine Biology and the electronic tagging of Sea Turtles
  • English for non-native speakers
  • Photography and Filmmaking
  • African drumming
  • Painting, Drawing and Sculpture
  • Swimming, football, baseball, and all types of sports
  • Equestrian instruction
  • Living with Native Americans studying Bald Eagles
  • Music and virtuoso programmes
  • Theatre and theatre production
  • Ballet and modern dance
  • Aquatic and Terrestrial ecology
  • Environmental and renewable resources
  • Physics, calculus and advanced mathematics
  • Astrology and Astronomy
  • White water rafting and mountain sports

The list is endless, and best of all, you can combine many of these for the summer of a lifetime, and all alongside friends who you will have for many years to come.

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