Year 13 / PG Year

Bridging the gap between Secondary School and your University

Profile of an eligible candidate for a Foundation year abroad in preparation for University:

  • Aged 17/18/19 and a high school / secondary school graduate.
  • An ambition to pursue a University degree abroad, mainly in the US, Canada or the USA
  • Students who need an additional year of challenging university-preparatory work in order to obtain admission at a more selective university
  • Students who seek the advantages of a year of skilled counselling to assist their applications to universities of the highest quality, suited to their talents and needs
  • Students who seek a year of intensive English instruction in an a fully English-speaking environment to improve TOEFL / IELTS scores
  • Younger secondary school graduates who would benefit from an extra year of study to gain maturity and self-confidence  in a secure and caring environment before going on to university
  • Students who wish to gain a broader, international perspective to compete successfully in the global marketplace
  • An ambition to travel, study, live abroad, meet new people, visit new places

Academic Program

A post-graduate year offers students the option to explore a wide range of challenging courses and that suits diverse interests and abilities.  A full range of courses are open to 13th year students, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses, conducted with the supportive atmosphere of a Boarding School and with the faculty guidance for which private Boarding Schools are renowned.  One great advantage is that many of these AP courses can give students University credit while in the post-graduate year.

Students might enroll in an English course, either English IV, AP English, English-as-a-Second Language, or maybe an English Elective, such as an introduction to Twentieth Century Literature. Students may then either focus their studies with specific disciplines, or they may continue to follow a liberal arts curriculum to strengthen their foundation for university. For example, a student with strong interest in the sciences may include AP Biology, Physics, and an upper level math course. 

For many students, the best academic program may be to continue challenging themselves in a broader spectrum of subjects as they strengthen their foundation for university entry. The chance to move on to a higher level of math, science, language, history and English may be just the preparation needed to improve a student’s candidacy for more competitive universities or enable the student to gain advanced standing.

Whether a student focuses on subjects of particular interest and ability or chooses a liberal arts path, each one will devise their curriculum with the close guidance of the Academic Dean and an Advisor. 

Travel / Activities

In addition to weekend excursions, most Boarding Schools offer travel opportunities to capitalize on their strategic locations. Each semester, a variety of trips will be offered, many of which will be course-related.

Such trips might include the major art museums and galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and London, depending on the school’s location. The architecture of each city can be surveyed to supplement classroom course-work.

Students and faculty design a variety of trips, as diverse as hiking in the Appalachians, skiing in Quebec or studying the ecology off the coast of Hawaii or England. Model UN provides the opportunity for debate in a hosting school.

Independent Travel

Through optional, independent weekend travel, resourceful students can plan individual itineraries and take trips to pursue individual interests. Student imagination and initiative are essential ingredients, thereby creating unlimited possibilities. Many students return home, move in with a host family or travel independently or with a School group during the Christmas and spring holidays, when the school campus is closed.


Boarding schools attract a diverse and talented faculty who are dedicated, experienced, and committed to the ideals of independent American education.

They take great pride in nurturing the academic and social successes of their students, and it is this nurturing that takes place 24/ 7 whether in the classroom, sports field, dining hall, dormitory, or simply sitting on a bench under a favourite tree or logia.

College counselling is a professional role offered to each graduating student. This provides guidance and advice on the entire application and matriculation process of selecting a university.

Quote from a former ‘gap year’ student

"My Gap Year has had a great influence on my life and helped shape my ideas about what is right for me in the future. I have honed my study skills and grown in independence. When I enrolled in college I was streets ahead of my contemporaries. I was able to settle in right away, and cope with the academic challenges in a way I was not ready for a year earlier."

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