Compared to regular schools in your neighbourhood, the prospect of attending a Boarding School can seem a little scary. You will be away from your family and friends in a different new environment. However, there are many, many reasons to consider Boarding Schools as a positive option, allowing you a great deal of personal responsibility at the same time as providing you with a first class education.

Boarding schools generally have small class sizes that allow teachers to engage with every student, and classroom settings are often specifically designed to encourage student participation and eye contact among everyone in class. Also, course options at Boarding Schools tend to be diverse and wide-ranging. Athletic and extracurricular opportunities will be thick on the ground and you will be encouraged to try new things. Many Boarding Schools also offer opportunities to study for a term in different countries. Going to Boarding School is a bit of an adventure. You will get to try lot of new things and experience new situations. At Boarding School you'll be part of a community where there is an expectation and a willingness to try new things, study new subjects and make friends with new people.

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