What to Expect

It’s more daunting in some ways to go to Boarding School than a local school in your neighbourhood.


Because you have to adjust to a brand new environment.

Being away from family and friends can be emotionally stressful at first and the financial cost means that Boarding School is not for everyone.

So, is it worth it? Couldn't you get as good an education by attending a private day school or your local high school?

Depending on where you live, local schools might be worthy of consideration. Highly rated private day schools, magnet schools, or public high schools can obviously have very bright students and highly qualified teaching staff. Extracurricular offerings can also be good in certain cases.

If you're considering local options as well as Boarding Schools, here are some points worth considering.

  • Student focus - Boarding Schools generally have small class sizes that allow teachers to engage with every student. Classroom settings are often specifically designed to encourage student participation and eye contact among everyone in class.
  • Quality of faculty - the majority of Boarding School teaching staff have specialist degrees in their teaching subject.
  • Quality of resources - student resources at Boarding Schools - such as the library, theatre facilities, or athletic complexes – are usually of a very high standard and may be superior to local options.
  • High standards - Boarding schools operate extremely high standards and students are encouraged to be inquisitive, ask searching questions and tackle challenging problems.
  • Broad course offerings - course options at Boarding Schools tend to be diverse and wide-ranging. Athletic and extracurricular opportunities will be thick on the ground and you will be encouraged to try new things. Many Boarding Schools also offer opportunities to study for a term in different countries.
  • University counseling - university counseling departments at Boarding Schools are generally well-staffed and counselors tend to be extremely experienced.

Taking responsibility for yourself is not an easy option but, of course, you will get masses of support from teachers, advisors and peers.

While there is a strong support structure within Boarding Schools, you have to make choices about how you will spend your time, the courses to take and the activities to get involved in. 

Most students see this as a positive. It translates to increased maturity, greater self-sufficiency, and superior preparation for university.

Going to Boarding School is a bit of an adventure. You get to try lot of new things and experience new situations. It can be a little daunting at times but the rewards are amazing.

At Boarding School you'll be part of a community where there is an expectation and a willingness to try new things, study new subjects and make friends with new people. It’s challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Boarding schools attract students from around the world so you’ll get to know people from different cultures and different backgrounds.

You’ll have lots of fun and make lots of friends. You’ll get the opportunity to excel in the classroom and at sports.

You will have a wide range of friends - Boarding Schools actively aim to recruit students from a wide range of geographic, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds.  At Boarding School, you'll be exposed to a wide range of individuals and cultures, whereas local options may expose you to students with a narrower background.

It will be challenging at times but you’ll be part of a proud community. You will see yourself grow in confidence and your parents will undoubtedly notice the “new you”.

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